October 18, 2012

This SIGHTING was just sent in by Shelly Maree, Executive Director of the Ultra-Soular Particle Research Center.

In her younger years, Maree was known as Lil’ Shelly, one of the sharpest female MCs at the time. She, along with T Wrecks and MC Ate Nogg, formed the Eggulatorz, a hip hop trio of extra-galactic eggs from the planet Ttohho known for their hard beats and paleographic rhymes. The trio recorded only one album, the classic “Eggulate: The T-Funk Era” which featured underground hits such as “The Egg Fresh Crew,” “Diggin’ in the Eggcrates,” “[I feel like I'm] Crackin’ Up,” “Scramble On” and “Batter Mixin’.”

The Eggulatorz eventually broke up. T Wrecks went on to form the Rhyme Travelers, Lil’ Shelly went the academic route and, unfortunately, Ate Nogg disappeared and has not been heard from since. But their fresh tracks continue to live on!

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