Hot Off the Press: Rhyme Travelers Issue -1

July 5, 2012


Party people! In the place to be! You are now rockin’ with the best! Our Krush Groovin’, Body Snatchin’ (negative) first issue is fresh from the other side of the cosmos via our intergalactic printer overlords and will be debuting at San Diego Comic Con next week! Come to the Chamanvision Table (L-01) to grab your copy and meet the creators Gustavo and Kenny.

About Rhyme Travelers #-1, Episode 4080: Interdimensional Promoters are Shady.  If you like 1980′s Saturday cartoons, classic Hip Hop and Star Wars, you’ll dig this funky sci-fi adventure comic!  Created by Kenny Keil [Mad Magazine, Tales to Suffice] and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca [Interstellar Transmissions].  ”Rhyme Travelers” mini-comic #1 is limited to 100 copies and is making its exclusive debut at San Diego Comic-Con International 2012!  It is available now for $3.


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