SIGHTINGS: Live From The Stone Age

July 11, 2012

When you tour 720 days a year, it can be tough to keep things straight. Especially when those days aren’t in chronological order. That’s why there’s SIGHTINGS, a new ongoing feature in which we will attempt to make sense of The Rhyme Traveler’s hectic (not to mention anachronistic) tour schedule.

Today’s entry comes from Rhyme Travelers superfan Charlie “Firebird” Marker, the Funky Spelunker! Firebird found this ancient cave painting of the Rhyme Travelers while exploring the Cold Crush Caves on the planet of LA-223. Based on caarbonite dating, this Rhyme Travelers cave painting dates all the way back to 27,000 BPDC [Before the Present Deep Concentration]… Making it one of the earliest documented Rhyme Travelers sightings yet!

Thanks, Charlie!

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