Paid In Fowl

SIGHTINGS: Q’Wack is Wack

July 28, 2012

Today’s entry comes from Rhyme Travelers fan Mickey Leaks. Thanks to Mickey, an unauthorized sample from the Rhyme Travelers classic joint “Machine-Sun Funk” has been identified and temporarily pulled from circulation, until the Rhyme Travelers sample is cleared.

It turns out that the Q’wack Brothers, that shady dynamic duo, have launched their own record label, New Q’wack City. Their first album “Paid In Fowl” includes their tracks “Who’s the Q’wack?,” “.q’wack//In-session,” “Q’wack City Chick” and “Q’wackin’ for Beats.” – which is the track featuring the unauthorized Rhyme Travelers sample. The sample, lifted from Rhyme Travelers’ well-known track “Machine-Sun Funk,” includes Flowwwtron’s rhyme “We got beats for lightyears, so clean out your ears, and have no fear, cuz’ that new sound’s here!”

The IRAAA [Intergalactic Recording Angels And Associates] organization have pulled the Q’wack Brothers’ album out of circulation until they acquire proper sample clearance – but the Q’wack Brothers have been unreachable thus far.

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